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SO MANY IMAGE PROBLEMS. (I'm new to this so ...this is probably why)

So I replaced the appicon.png & Default.png with my own images. They are not appearing when the SDK is launched. Thats the first problem. Then I tried to make a background image for the first window. It won't load it because it says that it failed to connect. These are probably really simple questions but I am seriously new to this and writing code, so …yea, thats enough to get me pretty confused.

Anyway, Thanks!

— asked July 1st 2010 by Lauren R
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2 Answers

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    For the default images, make sure that the images in the Resources/iphone and Resources/android directories are deleted - any platform-specific resources will be favored first, and will overwrite any other versions you might have in Resources.

    Also, if you haven't already, check out the Zero To App Training series - should be helpful if you're brand new to Titanium. If you're brand new to JavaScript, a great online resource is the Mozilla JavaScript guide.

    — answered July 1st 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
    • I just replaced the versions of the app icon & default image that they had in the Resources folder.

      — commented July 1st 2010 by Lauren R
    • check size is correct for Default, i had it where i created in illustrator then saved out forgetting about border, flashed up when ran simulator but then didn't show, resized in photoshop to correct dims and worked fine-might help with one bit. As Kevin said, watch the zero to app, but what i do that might help is use the kitchen sink, take parts of the kitchen sink you want and just modify little bits to get what i want and see how it works, then copy them out to my apps.

      — commented July 1st 2010 by Robert Greenock
  • which platform are you using? iphone or android?

    for the icon to appear you have to choose it inside the project's edit tab in titanium developer

    your backgroundImage problem seems to result from the system not being able to locate it, use a relative path to your image like this: 'images/mypic.png' instead '/images/mypic.png'. this seems to be working on both simulator and device for me

    — answered July 1st 2010 by Christian Sigl
    • im using the iphone platform. & thanks, I will try that and see how it works. I was watching a tutorial on changing out the app icon & default image and they just changed it out in the folder and it worked. So then, when I tried (and it failed), I was confused.

      — commented July 1st 2010 by Lauren R
    • hmmm tried the projects edit tab and its still not changing:/ the image for the icon is simply a white box.

      — commented July 1st 2010 by Lauren R
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