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Custom map image. Is it possible?

I want to have my own map of a very specific region. For the sake of discussion, let's say a blueprint of a building. It it possible to load that blueprint as a map and still have GPS functions, annotations, etc?

— asked July 1st 2010 by Chris Dotson
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    Not currently but it's an idea on my list once the map updates are pulled into Ti Core.

    The approach I have in mind depend on those updates - so…

    — answered July 1st 2010 by David Ashwood
    • Thanks, David. That's disappointing, but I understand. Any ETA on what the updates will be pulled in? An app that I'm working on now really needs that function.

      — commented July 1st 2010 by Chris Dotson
    • Nope. Last I heard from Jeff - there was a chance this and a few other pull-reqs I have would make it into 1.4 but with the clock ticking it doesn't look like it will happen.
      I know they're a little snowed.

      If it's not in 1.4 then when 1.4 comes out I'll update the branch with mainline 1.4 and put the it up somewhere.

      My code is specific for Android currently until I get myself a Mac or Apple change their T&C's to allow OSx to run in a VM on non-Mac hardware (I know which one is more likely :) )

      — commented July 1st 2010 by David Ashwood
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