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TableView on Android

Is it just me or is tableView seriously broken on Android?

I have a table view that includes images and text. I am finding that:
1) All rows have the same height, regardless of the row.height setting;
2) If you add images using an imageView to a row, some of the images dissappear once they have been drawn;
3) When you scroll down some images that were added to the table get distorted and drawn in the wrong place; and
4) In the same view when I scroll to the bottom and back to the top, I get an "unexpected error - force close" crash.

— asked March 18th 2010 by Gregor Munro
  • 1.0
  • android
  • tableview

2 Answers

  • hi there,

    1) I have a feeling that the 'auto-height' tableView demos (in KitchenSink) are not yet ready on Android. (Currently only working on iPhone)

    2) Make sure each row has a row.className - it can be any string - make these different/unique if the rows are to have different layouts/content.

    3) Same as above.

    4) Probably also fixed by the above

    hope this helps.

    I just took delivery of a Nexus One, so I'll be testing some Android stuff soon.


    — answered March 18th 2010 by Kosso
  • Still not working very well in 1.4 Andorid
    1) once you scroll down and back up images needs be fetched again ?!
    2) some images display scaled.. for no reason canScale:false does not change anything..

    — answered August 16th 2010 by Petr Cervenka
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