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Any working example for integration of any local video in Desktop App?


I'm running Titanium Developer on my Mac - so far so good.

But with all the playing I haven't been able to show any video in my app, except with using html5 video tag with remote video from webserver.

Can anyone post some working example how to integrate any video in Desktop apps? Flv… Mov…?

Preferably I would like to use html5.


— asked July 2nd 2010 by Cedric Moschallski
  • desktop
  • flash
  • html5
  • video

2 Answers

  • Now it works with this example:

    <video type="video/mp4" src="file:///Users/username/Desktop/movie.mp4" height="320" width="480" autoplay="true">alternate content</video>

    but not when switching the URL to: "app://movie.mp4"

    — answered July 2nd 2010 by Cedric Moschallski
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    • Also the video-tag does not show any effect under windows: tried mp4, wmv, flv…

      mp4 + flv works with no issues except that I have to call them with absolute path

      — commented July 2nd 2010 by Cedric Moschallski
  • I have the same problem. The html5 video tag only works for remote video. it doesn't work for the path "file:///Users/username/Desktop/movie.mp4". I am using SDK v1.1.0. is there any solution?

    — answered January 13th 2012 by Alex Poon
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