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Failed to load NSMainNibFile MainWindow_ipad.

First off, I love this development platform.

I downloaded the latest release of titanium for my new macbook pro. I then downloaded the latest version of iOS SDK (xcode 3.2.3 and iphone sdk 4), and tested out the kitchen sink project and a brand new project. Titanium failed to build either projects, and then I looked online and installed the patch:


I tried again, and this time I got a little farther. It built the app, but opened up an ipad window. When I tried the kitchensink, it briefly flashed the title screen then went black in the ipad emulator. It also gave me this error, while compiling the javascript:

[WARN] JavaScript compiler reported "'interval' was used before it was defined." at examples/animation_points.js:44

This was followed by about 100 more similar Warnings

It then loaded in an ipad emulator and gave me this:

Failed to load NSMainNibFile MainWindow_ipad.

When I tried building my blank test application it opened up the ipad window, opened and briefly flashed the appcelerator default screen and gave me this error again:

Failed to load NSMainNibFile MainWindow_ipad.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

— asked July 2nd 2010 by Connor Zwick
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4 Answers

  • It's a little odd but you can try editing the js file it mentioned and:

    • At line 44: change "var interval" = to "interval ="
    • At line 2: insert "var interval;"
    — answered July 2nd 2010 by David Ashwood
  • Yeah, but the problem with that is that might fix it in that spot, but there were a hundred other issues just like it that it displayed. So this leads me to believe that there is a deeper underlying issue.

    — answered July 2nd 2010 by Connor Zwick
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    • I agree - but if it fixes it - then you have a little more information than before. If it doesn't then it indicates a different type of problem.

      — commented July 2nd 2010 by David Ashwood
  • Well I found a solution. I changed the SDK from 3.2 to 4.0 and it worked perfectly.

    — answered July 2nd 2010 by Connor Zwick
  • I have to ask the question - WTF with all of the patching and backdooring? Why can't the Titanium team have everything you need on one page with detailed instructions ready to go?

    I understand that if you've been using the Titanium app for a while and it works for you. Yippee. Get over yourselves and show some love to those that are just now entering the Appcelerator world when Apple has done a major upgrade, which I guess forces Titanium to do one. If the iPhone SDk isn't jiving with the Appcelereator SDK, THEN FREAKING SAY THAT AT THE VERY BEGINNING!! Don't make it sound all rosy that you can download this SDK, download that SDK and produce your first app shortly there after.

    It's frustrating as hell to down load an app that tells me one thing and then I have to go in an rename this, delete that, alter this and move something else just for the damn app to work.

    FIX IT and make it work so those of us that are new don't have to find a thread buried in your forum that says, "Oh yea, you need to do the following just so you can view the Kitchen Sink."

    If I am off the path, flame away. But if I am even close to be right, then do the right thing to do is acknowledge that there is a problem and fix it. Hell, maybe even do one of the fancy Vimeo videos showing a walk through showing the setup of the Titanium (which version) and the iPhone SDK (the correct version) and anything else that is needed just to get up off the ground.

    I'm like the rest of you - got a great idea that I want to see come to fruition in the Apple App Store, but cannot even get off the ground due to the emulator not working.

    Where did I go wrong?

    Thanks for your time,

    — answered July 25th 2010 by Tommy Neel
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