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Installing Titanium Developer Via Terminal with SUDO (OSX)

Hi there.

If you're having problems installing Titanium Developer or had problems upgrading the Mobile SDK via Titanium Developer, I solved the issue by using launching Titanium Developer using the SUDO command via Terminal.

sudo /Applications/Titanium\ Developer.app/Contents/HD/Titanium\ Developer --debug

It's "–debug" not "–debu" (the discussion forum clipped the word.)


  1. The "sudo" command allows users to run programs with the security privileges of another user (normally the root account)

  2. Change the "HD" to be the name of your hard drive.

  3. The "–debug" will output exactly what's going on with the Titanium Developer app in the Terminal window.

Hope this helps some of the community users! :)



— asked July 3rd 2010 by Simon Kok
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  • Cool, thanks will give it a try :)

    — commented March 17th 2011 by Rhys Burnie

2 Answers

  • Thank you! That worked for me!

    — answered March 7th 2011 by David Beja
  • Yes I had the same 'error', and your solution worked for me as well. I had to change 'HD' in your path to MacOS although I think the name of my harddrive is 'Macintosh HD'.

    For me this error, leading to finding your post on this excellent developer forum, occured with a clean install on an Intel Mac with Leopard 10.6.6.
    As you mention if you do it manually with a Sudo execute the download will indeed succeed.

    So it must have to do with the current user not having enough rights to let Titanium Installer App execute the downloads? Although, in my network monitor I did see traffic going towards the download location but than Appcelerator responded with a :

    3/17/11 10:00:50 PM Installer App[1926] Response data was too small to be a file. Received "<HTML><BODY>no release found by that id</BODY></HTML>" instead.

    So maybe some headers are not sent, just guessing here. But anyhow for me your solution worked. Thanks!

    — answered March 17th 2011 by Roeland P
    • Yes, same worked for me, thanks a lot, MacOS for me too on the "HD" replacement (just use tab on the command line to see what it should be with auto complete.

      — commented April 1st 2011 by john gorman
    • I don't get why to change it to the name of my hard drive, anyway. /Contents/MacOS/Titanium is a path inside the package of the app (you can check that). And there is no folder like HD inside the Contents folder.

      — commented May 16th 2011 by Larissa N.
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