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Parsing XML struct

I am seeking some help on parsing xml returned from an xmlrpc call.
An example result is a structure of name/value pairs:

<value><string>Dr Bar</string></value>

I have tired the following but get null so I suppose I am over simplifying.

var result = this.responseText;
Titanium.API.info('Received: '+result);
var xml = Ti.XML.parseString(result);
var structList = xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("struct");



Does give me "id" but


Gives me zip.

Ok, correction again..


Gives me "8".
I just need a more efficient way to do this as the structures returned by various calls are not all the same.

Ok, now I am this far I can figure it out.

New question: how do you delete a dumb question so it does not clutter up the Q&A?


— asked March 18th 2010 by rob stevens
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  • I had a lot of trouble parsing XMLRpc in this environment. I found a decent parser called Mimic which took the XML and parsed into a massive array using JS. However this took up so much memory since the array was so massive that I ended up abandoning this part of the project and using a webview instead.

    — commented August 29th 2011 by dave fletcher

4 Answers

  • Here's a solution:

    var result = this.responseText;
    var xml = Ti.XML.parseString(result);
    var params = xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("member");
    var name = xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("name");
    var value = xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("string");
    var data = [];
    for (var i=0;i<params.item.length;i++) {
        Ti.API.log('Param '+i+': Name: '+n.item(i).text);
        Ti.API.log('Param '+i+': Value: '+v.item(i).text);
        // Add to array

    Your XML doc could have a better structure, which would make it easier to parse. Here's a screenshot.

    If you use responseXML, your XML needs to be validated (ie, DTD).

    — answered March 18th 2010 by TZ Martin
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    • This answer helped me a lot, but I saw an issue in the for condition: params.item.length … To fix this, just do params.length

      Thanks for the great topic guys!

      — commented September 8th 2011 by Joseandro Luiz
  • One thing you can do is to also try using : var xml = this.responseXML;

    Instead of using Ti.XML.parseString from the result.

    — answered March 18th 2010 by Kosso
  • This isnt a dumb post - it got me over my brain block with xml in this environment!

    — answered July 22nd 2011 by Steve Hovey
  • I have an XML with this structure:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <Account ID="248" Name="wertyu" />
            <Account ID="251" Name="hgdfh" />
            <Account ID="249" Name="wertyui" />
            <Rol ID="14" Name="SentDocsAsign" />
            <Rol ID="15" Name="RcvDocsAsign" />
            <Rol ID="30" Name="SenderUser" />

    I parsed all the User data, but how can i parse the Accounts and the Roles nodes?

    — answered December 17th 2012 by Alex Lerma
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