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Peer-to-Peer Connectivity Support?

Is it possible to implement peer-to-peer connectivity with Titanium Mobile for the iPhone?

— asked July 3rd 2010 by Darrell Brogdon
  • iphone
  • p2p
  • peer-to-peer

1 Answer

  • Hi Darrell, this is an old post but thought it would be useful to let you know that we recently published our Multipeer Module in the Appcelerator Marketplace that may suit your needs, depending on the details. This module adds to our entire portfolio of connectivity, specifically Bluetooth, Titanium modules but this module is unique from the others in that Multipeer can not only communicate over Bluetooth but also WiFi based on whichever is available.

    The module has a working example and is fully documented and supported by Logical Labs. You can now find the documentation for all of our modules on our website also http://www.logicallabs.com/documentation

    — answered April 11th 2014 by John Pataki
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