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JavaScript <-> Ruby. Lots of crashes


Running MacOS 10.6.4

I am getting a lot of crashes when accessing Ruby objects from JavaScript (whole app just vanishes). Is this aspect of Titanium known to be buggy? Is it worth upgrading to the 'edge' code on github?

Sorry for lack of detail, but I don't have a lot of insight into the details. I have a back end with lots of Ruby objects, and I'm putting an HTML UI on top of it using Titanium. Most of the time my JavaScript can interrogate the Ruby objects no problem, but sometimes it just crashes.



— asked July 6th 2010 by Tom Locke
  • crash
  • javascript
  • ruby
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  • I would launch your app in debug mode (launch the executable with the –debug flag) and share the output.

    — commented July 6th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery

1 Answer

  • UPDATE: Just tried with the latest version of Titanium Desktop from github, and no improvement : (

    — answered July 6th 2010 by Tom Locke
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