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Request for ability to exclude files/folders from packaging

I'm building a Titanium Desktop application and using CVS as a source control system. Of course, there are CVS folders sprinkled throughout my code directory structure. Unfortunately, those folders are included when I package my application. It would be great if those folders were excluded automatically or, better still, a mechanism could be added to specify files and/or folders to exclude from the distribution package.

— asked July 8th 2010 by Mary Pawlowski
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2 Answers

  • the tibuild.py removes svn and github files. i don't know if cvs files are revoved too - but i assume

    take a look in the tibuild file in the sdk folder on your local system

    — answered July 9th 2010 by Kay Strobach
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    • I did take a look at tibuild.py. It appears there are options for excluding files from packages when you use the command line utility for building. I use the Cloud Packaging utility in Titanium Developer (which uses tibuild.py) and it definitely does not exclude CVS folders. I don't really want to get into using the command line utility because I want to target both Windows and Mac which would require having Python available for building from two environments which is very inconvenient.

      — commented July 9th 2010 by Mary Pawlowski
  • Hi,

    Till today 29th Oct 2012 is there any option provided in Titanium for the project configuration settings or in the command line build script for excluding some of the un-required project folder/ files from the Final Installer Package Build (App.msi) file, when packaging the Windows Desktop Application Build in Titanium?

    Thanks in advance.

    — answered October 29th 2012 by Chetas MS
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