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Apps NOt found in emulator

I'm new to titanium an d I try to devellop an android application. After having create a new projet(just the simple code displaying two windows), i try to launch it on the emulator. After having wait the emulaor to start, I cant find the apps, It seems to never have been installed.
Does anyone know what is this problem and how to solve it?

Sorry for my bad english

— asked March 19th 2010 by Alex Cuvelier
  • android
  • emulator
  • testing

3 Answers

  • Once the emulator is running, launch the app again. I have seen where the app will not load if the emulator is not already started.

    — answered March 19th 2010 by Clint Tredway
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    • Nothing works… Any other hint ??

      — commented August 26th 2011 by M. S.
  • Hello,

    Have same situation.

    I create a mobile project (the default by Titanium), then launch on Android, the emulator opens, but the app don't appears/run!!!

    Any suggestion to resolve this?


    — answered March 19th 2010 by Luis Batista
  • When you say : "launch the app again" do you mean on the "emulator" or on the titanium software???

    Thanks you for the help you try to bring me.

    — answered March 19th 2010 by Alex Cuvelier
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