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DefaultImage while loading ImageView

I've read the forums for using DefaultImage property to ImageView, but getting an error.

My code//

var bandImg = Titanium.UI.createImageView({

image: e.rowData.imgSrc,

defaultImage: '../images/loading.png',





when i run, no images show up and get the following error in the console:

<Error>: CGBitmapContextCreateImage: invalid context 0x0

I've tried using a JPGs/PNGs and moving the location around, still no luck.

Any ideas?


— asked July 10th 2010 by Riley Hamilton
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  • FYI, i'm developing this for iPhone

    — commented July 10th 2010 by Riley Hamilton

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    I'm having the same issue after upgraded to 1.3.2.

    In my case, which used to be working in a scrollerview gallery.

    var imgOption = {borderColor:'#444',borderWidth:4,height:40,width:60,defaultImage:'blah.png'};
    loop ->
    var img = Ti.UI.createImageView(imgOption);img.image=thumblist[i];

    now i have to defined it after the "image"

    var imgOption = {borderColor:'#444',borderWidth:4,height:40,width:60};
    Loop ->
    var img = Ti.UI.createImageView(imgOption);img.image=thumblist[i];img.defaultImage='blah.png';

    That doesn't make sense, as one scrollview click event trigger another imageview to display the bigger image and that was working despite the same sequence.

    i guess it's just one of many bugs in the 1.3.2? what a pain.

    — answered July 10th 2010 by Daniel Lim
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    • Is this for Android Daniel?

      — commented July 10th 2010 by David Ashwood
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