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Set the Bundle Display Name?

Hi, does anyone know the correct procedure for building an app with a "custom" Bundle Display Name? The procedure here - https://appcelerator.tenderapp.com/discussions/suggestions/48-set-bundle-display-name-for-iphone-app - doesn't seem to be valid anymore.

I want to keep the Application name the same length but need a shorter icon label so the name doesn't get truncated.

This is for iOS 4 w/ SDK 1.3.3 (built from Git last week).



— asked July 11th 2010 by Joe Bossalini
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  • display
  • iphone
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    Copy the info.plist to your project's root directory and edit display name from there. When you compile, it will copy the info.plish from root to the build directory.

    — answered July 11th 2010 by Sj Singh
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    • Excellent! Thank you, SJ! Just tried it out and it works! -Joe

      — commented July 11th 2010 by Joe Bossalini
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