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problems with the latest commit

I am experiencing problems with the latest commit (ea2b629af257f2c28ab6).

I don't know what was changed but scons updated another file during the build and after that, none of my apps created with this SDK work anymore.
They work in the simulator but as soon as I install them to my iPhone they refuse to start.

It's possible that it has nothing to do with the latest commit but you should be careful what you do.
For me, the work day is over until there is a fix for this annoying problem.

btw. where is long-promised 1.4.0?

— asked July 11th 2010 by Dominik Hahn
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2 Answers

  • Working from git mainline comes with risks - hence having official releases and RC updates for people to test. The upside is if you find an issue - you can track down the cause & lend a helping hand :)

    The other option is to create a lighthouse ticket with some logs to help identify the issue.

    Personally I wouldn't use any unofficial builds on anything but test projects.

    Luckily if you're using healthy dev practices - you won't have committed any changes to your personal project that came about due to using the SDK. So you should be able to git checkout/reset your project to blow away any changes & switch to an earlier SDK.

    — answered July 11th 2010 by David Ashwood
  • The issues persists with the latest build thus I begin to think that the update that was downloaded by 'scons' during the build messed it all up.

    The question is: What was changed and how can I revert it. And most importantly: Why isn't anyone else complaining about this problem?

    — answered July 13th 2010 by Dominik Hahn
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