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Ugly location warning dialog in iPhone webview

I have a Ti.UI.WebView in my Titanium application. Inside the web view I'm embedding a Google map. To get the user's current location I use the W3C method 'navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition'.

This call triggers the iPhone's built-in location warning dialog, but the name displayed in the dialog is not very user-friendly. For my application, the dialog says:

> "app://com.my.application.id" Would Like To Use Your Current Location

Where 'com.my.application.id' is the Application ID in the Titanium project settings. Is there a way to get this warning dialog to display my application's name instead?

— asked July 12th 2010 by Carmen Wick
  • iphone
  • webview

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    A solution would be to use native geolocation and pass it to the webview using events.

    — answered July 12th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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    • I figured I might have to do something like that. I'm now using Ti.Geolocation and passing in the lat/long with Ti.App.fireEvent

      — commented July 12th 2010 by Carmen Wick
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