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Play youtube video immediately after clicking imageview?

Is it possible to link a youtube video in the view or imageview and when clicked, it loads the video straight away and not going to the youtube website? thanks.

— asked July 14th 2010 by Felipe Apostol
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1 Answer

  • For iphone, if you create a webview and here you embed the code for youtube ( yes the swf ), the youtube app will play the movie. This works only on device.

    Here is a related post

    — answered July 14th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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    • Does that mean it can only be done using webview? What I want is to make a scrollable list like using a tableview or maybe a few images in scrollview. Tapping on the tableview or image will load the video directly.

      At the moment I am using a createview and link to a webview with the youtube link. But that goes to youtube site first with the video, comments and other stuff.

      With the new revamp m.youtube.com, maybe if i could see the source code and look for the specific link to the video and link to it directly.

      — commented July 14th 2010 by Felipe Apostol
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