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Problems building final App for distribution

Hey all,

I've stumbled on a real hair puller of a problem - and just thought I'd see if anyone has had a similar issue.

I've been building an app using the current iOS 4 SDK and Titanium mobile 1.3.2 SDK. Testing the app on the simulator and on a device works fine - however when I go to package the app for distribution the images packaged in the app.zip file are all blank. The actual files are there - but all the image data for the icons, load screen and tab bar icons are empty.

I've tried building a new project; changing the SDK; restarting the machine - but no luck so far. Might try a reinstall of Titanium tonight and see how that goes.

Any one else experienced something similar? Any clues as to how you resolved the problem?


— asked July 14th 2010 by David Sullivan
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  • iphone

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    If you're referring to the empty image files inside the execute file (show package contents), that's normal. Submit away!

    — answered July 14th 2010 by Daniel Lim
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    • Thanks Daniel - I'll give it a try. Might have something wrong with my Icon aswell - iTunes Connect doesn't seem to pick up my 57 x 57 px icon.


      — commented July 14th 2010 by David Sullivan
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