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How to pass parameters from one .js file to another?

Hi Friends,

I am very happy that all my questions are answered swiftly. I have a doubt regarding passing parameters from one js to another.

That is, when I create a new window from a js to and open that window, I wanted some data to be passed on to the other js. In objective C, when I create a new ViewCOntroller, I write a custom init function , with which I get the data to intialize the ViewCOntroller. But how can I do here?

— asked July 15th 2010 by Radhakrishnan Selvaraj
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    something like this should do it.

    var variableToSend = 'hello!';
    var newWin = Ti.UI.createWindow({url:'window.js'});
    newWin.variableReceived = variableToSend;

    and then in 'window.js'

    var win = Ti.UI.currentWindow;

    should print 'hello!' in the console when the new window opens :)

    — answered July 15th 2010 by Steve Burtenshaw
    • Hi Steve,

      That worked . Thanks for the help. I was searching for this option for over many days…:)

      — commented July 15th 2010 by Radhakrishnan Selvaraj
    • what about grabbing a value from a modal window and returning it to the calling window? how would that work?

      — commented August 16th 2011 by Michael Stelly
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