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Install to multiple (and other people's) devices...

I havent tried doing this but I know you can add multiple devices when testing apps. But what if the other device is not mine and is being synced/paired to other pc/mac? Can I safely install the app without erasing the content in that device? To my knowledge, an iphone can only be used to one pc/mac at a time. Since installing app requires itunes, then how can I install apps onto other people's device?

I asked this because I only have one and old iphone and my friend has the new iphone 4, which I can borrow to test the app, but I just want to be sure that nothing gets deleted.


— asked July 15th 2010 by Felipe Apostol
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2 Answers

  • You provide them with a ".mobileprovision" file that you create on Apple's DEV site, and then provide the other people that and the ".app" folder (located in the build/iphone/build/Release-iphoneos folder of your project)

    they drag the mobileprovision file into iTunes, then the .app folder and the app shows up for syncing like any other app does/would

    — answered July 15th 2010 by Stephen Gilboy
    • Does that mean I have to use their computer to install the app and not mine?

      — commented July 15th 2010 by Felipe Apostol
    • Did you manage to figure out if this was at all possible??

      — commented January 21st 2011 by Scott Millar
    • I have the same exact question, any answer to this question?

      — commented July 21st 2011 by Edy Sulistyo
    • See my reply in this thread on how to do this. Also, you may want to visit testflightapp.

      — commented July 21st 2011 by Doug Handy
  • I posted this as a comment, and I guess it should be an answer.

    You don't need to use your own iTunes account to install to other devices. They can use their own iTunes account or install over the air (OTA). Well, OTA installs do require the device to be at OS4 or later.

    See my reply in this thread and also visit testflightapp.

    — answered July 21st 2011 by Doug Handy
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