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Project Name/Icon Name

Is it possible to change the icon name (ie: the name of the app on the springboard) different from the Project Name?

This is a real showstopper for me as I need to create multiple apps for sports teams (with the team names in the project name so I can clearly differentiate these in Titanium) but the app icon name displayed on the iphone etc will all be the same for each app.

I would have thought simply changing the 'Bundle display name' would have solved this but doing so has no affect. The icon name resorting to the original Project name.


— asked July 17th 2010 by Andrew Gray
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  • I too cannot figure this out! I've tried editing the info.plist file and even the template, but whenever I launch the simulator the info.plist file is replaced with a different one.

    Is there somewhere I can change the actual {$PROJECT_NAME} variable?

    — commented August 5th 2010 by Andrew Domin

1 Answer

  • OK figured it out.
    Copy plist file to root and rename Bundle display name ALSO delete the Debug-iphonesimulator and xxxxxxx.build files (where xxxxxxx is your original project name) from build > iphone > build folder then repackage and this will successfully change the icon name on the springboard.
    Andy :)

    — answered July 17th 2010 by Andrew Gray
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    • Can you be a little more clear on this?

      — commented August 9th 2010 by Todd Soligo
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