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Navigation: how to return to home?

Hi guys, I'm in trouble with my app.
I have a single window with a dashboard. When I click on a icon I open a new window. Then another child win etc…

At the beginning I made a Navigation Group without Tabs Group as you can see on Developer Blog. The problem was to create and add dynamic children to the window.

So I made a tabgroup with a single tab and hidden tabbar. It's cool because I can use Titanium.UI.currentTab.open to add a child.

It's also a cool thing that, if you click on the tab button, you return to the "root" window. It's very usefull if you have a lot of children..

How can I simulate this behaviour? I added a button to the navbar of every window.. I would like that, when a user click this button, the app returns to the main tab window (same behaviour as tab button click).

Thanks a lot! Have a nice day,

— asked July 18th 2010 by Flavio Ferrandi
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  • For anyone who doesn't post on StackOverflow (or a flavour thereof) always leave a comment if your going to downvote something so the original poster can do better next time :D

    — commented January 12th 2011 by Blake E

4 Answers

  • For tabgroups. I saved the tabgroup object back onto the Ti.UI object for later usage. When I want to switch tabs and go back to the home/root/initial window of the tab, I found the simplest way was to just close and reopen the tab group with activeTab set to the index you wanted. It's cheesy but seems to work. I would think the same method would work for navgroups as well.

    In the app.js file:

    // created an object called tabGroup that has already
    // been setup with all my tabs
    Ti.UI.tabGroup = tabGroup;

    In another js file for a tab:


    It works better than I thought it would actually. My screen doesn't seem to show the fact I just closed and opened the tabgroup.

    — answered January 28th 2011 by Audra M. King
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    • Does your solution works for Android too ?

      — commented July 18th 2012 by Umaid Saleem
  • I am having exactly the same issue, although I am switching from a different tab. The switch via setActiveTab is fine but … on a button click I want to send the user back to the first window in the drill. I too am using a tabgroup, which simulates the effect perfectly, if you click on the tabgroup button at the bottom of the app.

    Is there a fireEvent that can take place? I am already using setActiveTab() but that takes me to the drill at the level it was left.



    — answered August 24th 2010 by Tim Hall-Woodcock
  • My workaround for this problem when using a navigation group was simply re-open the root window for the nav group (and close the old one).

    — answered August 24th 2010 by John Lorance
  • What I do was let the main Window into a function, so when the user click on "Home" button, i just call home() function.

    — answered August 24th 2010 by Esteban Fernandez
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