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iOS4 + 1.3.2 Tip - Do Not Use xxx.removeEventListener

Hi all,

This isn't a question at all. I found a problem when I was testing the 1.3.2 build on iOS4 iPhone simulator.

The app kept on crashing after the loading of app.js. By looking at the console crashing stacks, I soon realise that it crashes around the line when a particular eventListener is trying to remove itself.

So I thought this may help someone out there probably with the same crashing problem.

Do not use xxx.removeEventListener at all is probably the best workaround.

Cheers, hope it helps.


— asked July 22nd 2010 by William Xue
  • 1.3.2
  • ios4
  • iphone4
  • os4

1 Answer

  • Can you post your code? I had a similar issue but found a work around but not using the word 'this' in the removeEventListener.

    — answered July 22nd 2010 by Conrad Fuhrman
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