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Android MediaPlayer generates errors in Debug Log and never plays

When I try and play a stream in Android I get this captured in the debug log:

[TRACE] E/MediaPlayer( 238): start called in state 0
[TRACE] E/MediaPlayer( 238): error (-38, 0)
[TRACE] I/MediaPlayer( 238): Info (1,26)
[TRACE] E/MediaPlayer( 238): Error (-38,0)

Anyone know what is causing these errors?

The stream never goes from trying to startup playing to actually playing.

Anyone know what this means?

— asked July 22nd 2010 by Stephen Page
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1 Answer

  • I don't even get an error; I just get a black screen and nothing ever happens (in Simulator + on a device).

    — answered October 13th 2010 by Matt Collinge
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