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Foreign local language support problem for Android platform

when using titanium try to develop foreign language app (such as Chinese) in android platform, some titles can not be showed correctly. I have already seen that is incorrcet like table title,button title or label text, the output seems only show some strange ASCII code, however some are shown correct like tab title. The orginal Android java supports local language perfectly. I am not sure if it is a titanium bug? or there is something I havn't done correctly to get the right local language support?

btw, it is ok in iphone.

— asked July 23rd 2010 by Aee Q
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  • foreign
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1 Answer

  • I had found problem, which was due to the utf-8 coding in different files, you should correct to the right format on your .js file, as long as the file char coding is right, you will see the right output on the phone.

    — answered November 14th 2010 by Aee Q
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