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On Windows, can't run kitchensink for android

I hit launch, and the android simulator starts to come up. The status I get in Titanium is this:
Launching Android emulator…one moment
Creating new Android Virtual Device (6 HVGA)
Building KitchenSink for Android…one moment
Waiting for the Android Emulator to become available
Copying project resources…

And, that's all I get. The android emulator comes up and is on the home screen of android. It doesn't appear as if the app is making it to the emulator.

Anybody have any ideas? I've gotten the iPhone emulator to work on my mac, but I really need to test it out with Android before I start using Titanium, and I can't seem to get it working.

— asked July 23rd 2010 by Nicholas Smith
  • android
  • mobile
  • windows 7
1 Comment
  • I have the same issue with running Kitchen Sink in android on my mac. All runs fine in the iOS simulator but no luck getting it to run in the android emulator. I concluded that it simply doesn't work.

    — commented September 19th 2011 by Robert Turrall

1 Answer

  • Make sure your "Default Android SDK" is set to a Google API one. For example, use "Google APIs ANdroid 2.2", NOT "Android 2.2".

    — answered September 28th 2011 by Predrag Minovic
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