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Reducing APK/Application filesize

I noticed my last couple applications that were updated to Titanium Mobile 1.3.2 have filesizes close to 3MB once installed on an device.

I currently have a very very small application that I wrote for a friend. Contains a 3KB app.js file and about 100KB in image files. Compiled and installed it takes up 3.78MB on my Nexus One. Is there a way to reduce the filesize of applications built with Titanium? Maybe remove some modules that are not needed to build the applications in a way so we are not including extra stuff that is taking up unnecessary space?

— asked July 24th 2010 by Rocco Augusto
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3 Answers

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    We are working on that. If you know you're not using a module, you might try removing it's jar file from the mobilesdk and commenting it out in builder.py. The tooling is improving and I hope to have better app sizes in 1.5.

    — answered July 24th 2010 by Don Thorp
    • where is builder.py?

      — commented January 28th 2012 by noone onemore
    • builder.py of 2.1.1.GA for android on linux is in ~/.titanium/mobilesdk/linux/2.1.1.GA/android/

      — commented August 27th 2012 by ryang sim
  • Some news here?

    — answered February 27th 2012 by Hans Knoechel
  • would you explain how we can delete an included file from the titanum sdk to reduce the app size ??

    — answered August 30th 2012 by Ebrahim Sayed
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