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Run on device button disabled

Hi there,

I just signed up for the Apple iPhone developer account and installed the keys and certificates as described on their website. I then went on to deploy my first app using XCode and it all worked fine.

Back in Titanium I'm able to run my app in the simulator and it all works as well. However, I cannot click the 'Run on Device' tab to test it on my iPod touch.

What am I doing wrong?

— asked July 25th 2010 by Dennis Dillert
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3 Answers

  • Thanks for the quick answer Daniel. It works now. I was not even able to get into the Run on Device tab. I installed Android in the meantime but am not sure if that was the actual cause. I guess Titanium needed some sort of updating as I just intalled the certificate today. It then suddenly changed its mind and showed the option where I could select my provision. Thanks anyway! Best, Dennis

    — answered July 25th 2010 by Dennis Dillert
  • Under Run on Device, all steps must be detected by TI, otherwise the install button would grey out.

    It's not auto-detect, just as the note implies. if the provision didn't show up, you will need to manually select it. That would be the developer profile you downloaded.

    — answered July 25th 2010 by Daniel Lim
  • I have the same problem here. The run on device is disabled even if everything have been done correctly.
    Everything is OK with my config and all steps have been followed (I can put my app on device with XCode) but the certificates are not detected.

    Maybe a clue: when I open the xcode project with XCode, I have to change manually the SDK from 4.0 to 4.2 to make it work. Otherwise I have a "Base SDK missing" on the XCode Window that prevents the build.

    — answered January 31st 2011 by Fabio Chelly
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