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TableView row eventually freezing

After several updates, deletes and inserts on a tableview, one or two rows stop showing the updates (they freeze) and will only resume normal behavior after scrolling the specific row out of sight and back. I don't know why this happens, is it a bug?

Let me make it clear that the updating is happening using this method:
tableView.data[0].rows[i].children[5].text = newdistance;

I sais it freezed because it stops reflecting the actual value that it was supposed to show and instead shows some other previous value, until scrolled out of sight and then back.

Eventually a row will only show its background without any text labels on it, the scrolling fixes this too.

— asked July 26th 2010 by Caio Iglesias
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1 Answer

  • Do you add a className to the row ?

    — answered July 26th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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    • Yes, and there is only one className in use. What I find weird is that scrolling the troubled row out of sight and the scrolling back to it fixes it until it happens again some other time with some other random row.

      — commented July 26th 2010 by Caio Iglesias
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