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Mobile- How to protect my source code?

As you know, android apk can be easily decoded by some decoding tools, which causes the Recources fold exposed completly, all the JS file can be seen from there. as long as anybody gets the JS files, all your work will be stolen. It is a real big problem for me.

Is there anybody knows how to protect the source code in the appcelerator mobile?

— asked July 27th 2010 by Aee Q
  • android
  • security

4 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    This issue has now been resolved. No more poking around the JS files from the .apk


    — answered June 13th 2011 by Kosso
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    • I just compiled my app for distribution using the 1.8.1 SDK and all my JS files are still in the apk. What gives? is there additional steps that need to be taken?

      — commented February 7th 2012 by Kouroche Sedaghatian
  • I am also very interested in the answer. Does anyone have an idea how I can protect the javascript files?

    — answered January 22nd 2011 by Tobias Gaiselmann
  • Try obfuscating the javascript using something like Free JavaScript Obfuscator or maybe a professional solution like this.

    Tons of solutions are available.

    — answered January 23rd 2011 by Ishbir Singh
  • There are solutions to protect APK. Such as Isolate Java Program, Encrypt Class Files, Convert to Native Codes, Code Obfuscation, Online Encryption ( http://www.apkprotect.com ).

    — answered July 10th 2013 by Aaron wong
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