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Possible bug? White appicon with 1.3.3?

I grabbed the latest build today, but both Kitchen Sink and my app have white app icons in both emulator and on the device when I compiles them. I switch back to 1.3.2 and the icons show up.

— asked July 27th 2010 by Chris Dotson
  • 1.3.3
  • appcelerator
  • appicon
  • bug
  • titanium

2 Answers

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    I had this briefly today after updating my iPhone SDK from 4.0 to 4.0.1; seems to have cleared up after some fresh rebuilds. Try dumping the build/iphone directory and rebuilding?

    — answered July 27th 2010 by Brion Vibber
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    • That worked! Thanks!

      — commented July 28th 2010 by Chris Dotson
  • same for me (with 4.0 SDK) deleting buid/iphone and just one rebuild solved my pb.

    thanks Brion

    — answered July 28th 2010 by Stephane Pelamourgues
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