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Titanium and Dell Mini 3iX (Android)

Hi. Has anyone tried to get an application to "Run on Device" on the Dell Mini 3iX? It's the only device I have available for test and when I try to send an application to it, Titanium says "Installing app on device…" but nothing happens.

I've searched the Q&A and found out I must set the device to the following config:

  • Unkonw sources checked
  • USB debugging checked
  • charge-only USB mode

But this phone doesn't have those options! At least I can't find them…

Originally, I was using Titanium on a Mac. I read I must install the drivers for my device and, since the Dell Mini 3iX only has software for Windows, i switched to it with the same outcome: Titanium says it's installing the app on device but nothing happens.

Specifically, I used Mac OS X and WIndows 7 32-bit.

If anyone has any experience with this phone, I'd really apreciate to know. I'd also like to receive any insights of how I could'd run my app on this device.

Thans in advance.

-Bruno Montenegro

UPDATE: It seems the Dell Mini 3 uses a distro based on Android 1.5 (Titanium requires Android 1.6+) called Ophone 1.0 developed in China by a company called Borqs (http://www.borqs.com/oms.jsp). Also, this phone was only released in Brazil where the carrier Claro has, it seems, locked the OS to only accept applications from its own store.

These two facts (Android 1.5 and locked OS) rule out the Dell Mini 3iX (and its chinese variants) as an Android development device. I'll have to get another phone. Can anyone tell me wich smart phone would be the best one from a developer point of view?


-Bruno Montenegro

— asked July 27th 2010 by Bruno Montenegro
  • android
  • dell
  • mobile
  • osx
  • win32

2 Answers

  • Try to find out if your Android debugger can connect to your phone at all.
    In console navigate to <your_installation_path>/android-sdk-windows/tools/ and type "adb devices". Your Dell should be listed now. If not, it has nothing to do with Titanium but incorrect debugging setup.

    Check this guide:

    — answered July 28th 2010 by Friedrich Seydel
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    • Hi, Friedrich. Thanks for the answer.

      I'm back on the Mac and did what you sugested and the device was detected:

      List of devices attached 
      357212030052567    device

      Is that number specific for the Dell Mini 3iX model? Can it help me in any way?

      I feel that Dell has locked the device somehow. At least Titanium should give more feedback besides that simple "Installing app on device" message…

      — commented July 28th 2010 by Bruno Montenegro
  • See the update on my first post.

    — answered September 8th 2010 by Bruno Montenegro
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