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preload mp3 sound


Here's my code

var myMonkeySound = Titanium.Filesystem.getFile(Titanium.Filesystem.resourcesDirectory,'sounds/mimiplay_monkey.mp3');

// load from file object
var soundMonkey = Titanium.Media.createSound({sound:myMonkeySound,preload:true});

So, the preload part of this doesnt seem to work.

Only when activating the following:


Do I get this output in the debug/info window

2010-07-27 22:19:27.898 mimiplay v1[37316:5c03] AddRunningClient starting device on non-zero client count

Once the sound has played once, this lag doesnt happen anymore.

— asked July 27th 2010 by Ali Driver
  • mp3
  • preload
  • sound
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  • I have this issue also, its making my sound app almost useless

    — commented August 24th 2010 by Matthew Wise

2 Answers

  • I was unable to get the preload to work, however for my case, after I had created the sound object, I then called play and then pause functions consecutively. This forces the sound to be loaded, then pauses it, at which point when you come to play the file its preloaded :)

    var audioyes = Ti.Media.createSound({ url:'audio/yes.mp3', preload:true });
    //fake preload
    //play when needed, works instantly

    You could even set the volume to 0 before you do this, just in case it does attempt to play it briefly, although this hasn't happened to me.

    Doesn't work in every case, but solved my problem.

    — answered November 30th 2010 by Richard Patching
    • Man nice idea… If only setVolume worked for me…

      — commented December 9th 2010 by George Marmaridis
    • This works great, thanks for pointing it out.

      — commented March 7th 2011 by jamie cross
    • You're a genius :D

      I can't believe that 3 years later issues like this are still unresolved! :( If I had known a year and a half ago what I know now I would have used Unity :(

      @George - mysound = Ti.Media.createSound({volume: xxx}); doesn't work at creation but someone pointed out to me that if you create the sound object and then AFTERWARDs do: mysound.volume = 0.05; \\(say) THEN it will work :D (or it does here on Android 2.3.4 & 4.0.1)

      — commented September 15th 2013 by Robin Williams
  • Same here..


    var audioyes = Ti.Media.createSound({

    var audiono = Ti.Media.createSound({

    Doesnt seem to work, am i doing something wrong?

    — answered October 5th 2010 by karl andreasson
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