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streaming a .pls file

i'm writing an app for an internet radio station.
i can't figure out a way to stream the .pls file they have provided. It plays in the media player if open it in mobilesafari but i want to be able to stream it while looking at a blog window etc.

it took me a while to find the audioplayer (i don't think its in the docs yet) but it wouldn't stream it either…
any ideas?

— asked March 20th 2010 by Steve Burtenshaw
  • audio
  • iphone
  • pls
  • stream

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    .pls is a plain text file of a simple format. You need to parse it (e.g. using regexps), extract real URLs to mp3 or other media stream from there and pass it to sound object.

    — answered March 20th 2010 by Igor Afanasyev
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    • +1 helped me too

      — commented February 19th 2013 by Muhammad Wahhab Mirza
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