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Problem submitting apps in 1.40 if they have a space in their name

I have several apps that have a space in their name.

So I setup the apps with a space in their names.

I used to have to manually remove the space from the zip file before uploading it to iTunes Connect or with the Application Uploader, no major fuss.

With 1.40 the Xcode organiser does not like my spaces and wont validate or submit the app.

The app is there, I can reveal it in the finder and it has a space in the .ipa

If I remove the space or covert it to an underline, Xcode acts as if it was never there, it breaks something by changing it.

My problem is, I need a space in the name of the app, surely ALL apps are not single words :-)

So how do I get an app in the store, on the iPhone with a space in the name yet get it through Xcode?


— asked July 28th 2010 by Stephen Page
  • 1.40
  • apps
  • iphone
  • submit
  • titanium
  • validate
  • xcode

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    Had the same problem this morning myself.

    1) In Xcode Organizer right click on the build date of the app and select "Reveal Archived App in Finder"

    2) Open ArchiveInfo.plist in a text editor (i used Coda)

    3) For me at line 10 it was calling the .app file with a space:

    <string>Example Name.app</string>

    Change that to ExampleName.app and save the file.

    4) In Finder remove the space in the file names on both the .app and the .app.dSYM files

    5) Once you get back to Xcode Organizer, you should be able to go through fine.

    (also you might want to remove the previously generated .ipa file with the space. just delete the file, a new one will be created after the above steps automatically)

    — answered July 28th 2010 by Riley Hamilton
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