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Last step...uploading to itunes error

i'm on my last step in uploading my first app to itunes. I'm getting this error… The binary you uploaded was invalid. The signature was invalid, or it was not signed with an Apple submission certificate.

I've made sure there are no spaces in the file name and i have changed appicon.png to icon.png

Any ideas?

thanks in advance.

— asked March 21st 2010 by Dave Devitt
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4 Answers

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    Hi Dave,

    Yes - there must be some registry-type info in the app.zip package that detects changes.

    For a Windows convert the 'open package contents' option in Finder is just too tempting ;)

    To change the filename I created a new Titanium project and copied the contents of the resources folder across. Doing this means you'll need to create a new app id and reference the new app id in a new distribution profile (unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way of deleting App Ids in the ADC).

    You'll need to copy/rename the icon in either the '/build/iphone' or 'resources' folder - I think I did in both places to be sure.

    Once I did that it went through OK.


    — answered March 21st 2010 by Chris Reed
  • Hi Dave, did you open or make 'any' changes to the app.zip after it was produced?

    The app.zip produced should be uploaded to iTunes Connect without any interference. i.e. you can't make those changes within the app.zip, which mean't for me going back and creating a new Ti Mobile project, a new 'app id' and generating a new distribution certificate.

    Sorry, that probably doesn't help too much, but it's a very unhelpful message, like 'an error has occurred'. Maybe others have had this in other circumstance and might have better thoughts.


    — answered March 21st 2010 by Chris Reed
  • Hi Chris, thanks for your help. What I did was take a space out of the file name (after it was packaged) and copy the appicon.png file to icon.png (before it was packaged).

    do you think that could have caused the problem?


    — answered March 21st 2010 by Dave Devitt
  • Hi Chris,

    I did what you suggested and that took care of it. I was able to get it to upload!!

    Thanks much for the help!

    — answered March 22nd 2010 by Dave Devitt
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