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my experience getting apps run on iPhone simulator

About to build for iPhone, there is a bit of confusion.

My problem was, that I have (this should be not a rare case, however) two SDK's on my MAC.
One is 3.1.4 and the other is 4. This is the default scenario, because beside new SDK the installer tends to keep the old one.

This leads to a misunderstanding, because Titanium seems to take into consideration only the SDK 4 (and this is right, because Apple does not accept APP built against 3.1.x, at least for iPhone, while 3.2 is something for iPad. It never existed a 3.2 for iPhone). I never managed to get my project simulated in this way from titanium. But when you click on the built xcodeproj file, and you investigate a bit, you will see that this was built against a missing SDK. Even if you change the sdk of the project in xCode to a non missing one, the project will fail to build properly.

To run the project you should NOT click directly the xcodeproj file (SDK 4 would open) but drag this file onto the icon of the SDK 3.1.4 and build from within this environment. You may have to change again the SDK of the project, but then it will run on the simulator.

One thing which is not that clear with Titanium is why it is possible to build for iPhone using 3.2 SDK. This was never released. 3.2 is only for iPad.

Hope it helps

— asked July 29th 2010 by Fabio Ricci
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3 Answers

  • —>> Apple does not accept APP built against 3.1.x, at least for iPhone,

    Is the above true?

    — answered July 29th 2010 by Peter Lum
  • On July, the 1st all iPhone developers (also you, if you have an account, look in your inbox) received this e-mail:

    "The next generation of the world's most advanced mobile operating system is in the hands of millions of iPhone and iPod touch users.
    Make sure that your applications are compatible with iOS 4. All new applications and updates to existing applications must be built with iPhone SDK 4. In addition, the App Store will no longer support applications that target iOS 2.x."

    So, I think this leaves no doubt and I verified several times while uploading new apps. You have to build it against 4 for iPhone. For iPad you need to do it against 3.2, because iOS4 for iPad will be released in September.

    Pay attention also to the following fact: if you have already an app, let's say built against 3.x, wait a bit to update it, if not strictly needed. In fact the updates as well must be built against SDK 4, and this may result in a non working app on iPad (in case someone downloaded the app on it previously).


    — answered July 29th 2010 by Fabio Ricci
  • Thanks, Fabio. I got a question.

    Does an app that was built with SDK 4.0 or 4.0.1 runs on an 3GS os 3.x?

    — answered July 30th 2010 by Peter Lum
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