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Best Android device for a developer

Hello, everyone.

Recently I've been unsuccessful in puting my aplication to "Run on device" on a Dell Mini 3iX Android phone as can be seen in this question.

I've decided to get a new Android device. I don't want to risk getting another [insert curse word here] one as the Dell Mini 3iX. Which one does the community recommends? Which Android phone is the most feature packed? Which one is the less prone to problems?

To sum up, which is the best Android device from a developer point of view?



— asked July 29th 2010 by Bruno Montenegro
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    From a developer's perspective, the most flexible device is going to be an actual developer phone (<< link requires sign up and registration for the Android Market). You can flash it easily with whatever Android OS versions you need to test against.

    You can use a consumer device also, but it won't be quite as flexible for development purposes. Lots of great choices these days - we have developers testing on Motorola Droid and Nexus One devices, so you might consider one of those, but any of the new ones should work well too (EVO, Droid X, etc).

    — answered July 29th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
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    • Thanks for the answer, Kevin. I'll look into one Android Dev Phone.

      — commented July 29th 2010 by Bruno Montenegro
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