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Timed out waiting for device to be ready, you may try reconnecting the USB cable

Hi, I can't run android in the simulator:

I get:

[ERROR] Timed out waiting for emulator to be ready, you may need to close the emulator and try again

I can't run it on my device either. I connect it via USB, allow debugging and unknown sources on it, but get this error:

Timed out waiting for device to be ready, you may try reconnecting the USB cable

Any ideas?


— asked July 29th 2010 by Z K
  • android

5 Answers

  • I run into this on my Droid X. Usually it's because I have either

    • not selected 'USB Mass Storage' for the USB Connection, or
    • I have not enabled 'USB Debugging' under Settings -> Applications -> Development, and it may be that
    • you have not selected Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources.

    For the emulator, try deleting the AVD and letting Appcelerator create a new one. Make sure you have installed at Android SDK 1.6 or higher, which I believe is a requirement.

    Lastly I have read that you may need to delete all AVDs and let Titanium create it's own, or it gets confused. This is not something I have personally experienced though.

    John S.

    — answered July 30th 2010 by John Storey
    • Thanks John, I've tried these things but no luck. I've subscribed now so I'll try the helpdesk. Cheers

      — commented August 1st 2010 by Z K
    • Thanks John, switching my USB connection to "Mass Storage" fixed this issue for me. I'm using a Motorola Atrix. I also had to enable "USB Debugging".

      — commented July 4th 2011 by Grayson Koonce
  • This is kinda strange but I was able to solve this by powering down the phone and then power up while it is connected via USB to the computer. Unless I do this I don't get any notification that USB Debugging or Mass Storage is active.

    Of course before doing that make sure USB Debugging and Allow Unknown Sources are both enabled.

    — answered May 11th 2011 by Jake Jake
  • Worked for me after I changed plugged usb cable to different socket in my iMac :) strange issue

    — answered December 30th 2012 by Roman Gorodeckij
  • For those who develop on HTC with Sense 5, you'd need to follow this link to enable USB debugging:


    — answered October 6th 2013 by JH Foo
  • I had the same problem. None of the suggestions on many of the thread worked. Finally I realised I missed a step: you'd need to install the ADB drivers specific to your phone. Details here:

    OEM USB Drivers

    — answered December 10th 2013 by JH Foo
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