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info : the iAd experience

My app with iAd capability has been up in the store for more than a week, since July the 20th night. Thanks to the early reports issue with hiding adview object when not available, Ti patched it and it should be a ok with Ti SDK 1.3.3 Build forward. On first run, it crashed couple times while viewing the ad content, but have zero issues since then.

So here's my experience and the ad statistic after 40,500 requests, about 30k are from USA.

1) Ad only appears (aka impression) on US requests, it will not show up on other countries. [updated: Ad reported showing up on UK requests]

2) Filling rate could be better. Apple simply do not have enough clients in their
network to fill the requests. I’ve only seen two different ads so far, the Dove and Nissan. I get about 8-10 views per days per device, the rest are in hiding mode. If i were to click though it, it would be hidden immediately after 3 attempts. The cycle is repeated around 11PM ET. However, late yesterday I’ve seen 3 new ads appeared, they are all app advertising from Apple store. If you view it, you can install the advertised app without having to leave the running app. Pretty cool!

So about 40K requests, I get 9130 impressions, 22.53% Fill Rate, 0.90% CTR, $16.11 eCPM, a total revenue of $147.13, and the numbers are declining. Nothing like the $146.55 eCPM, $1,372.20 a day earning you read when it first launched. :)

My app is a technology newsreader. To make room for the ad, the tabbed bar is hidden on article display. The entire article is a remote webview with abilities to trigger twitter Xauth, email share, front size, image gallery and video functions from app.js eventlisteners.

You can see how the ad run here, it's free, hence the ad. ?

PS. If you have app with iAd, please post your stats here.

— asked July 29th 2010 by Daniel Lim
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  • Thanks for sharing this, Daniel! Very interesting and helpful!

    — commented July 29th 2010 by karlo kilayko
  • Thanks Daniel, always fascinating to get real accounts as opposed to rumors and fragments of info.

    — commented July 29th 2010 by Steve Perlow

1 Answer

  • A few updates on iAd codes. I got a few complaints on app crashed, and went though few more rounds of checking, here's couple notes to deal with adview.

    1) Important!! The adview only worked for >= IOS 3.2, you would want to add the exception, and the subsequent codes for compatible devices only

    if (parseFloat(Titanium.Platform.version) >= 3.2){
      var iad = Ti.UI.iOS.createAdView({width: 'auto',height: 'auto'});

    2)watch out for the adview load event, bad timing may cause tableview to crash if the user close the childview before adview animate the load event function.

    I have a webview with load event, which animates the adview to bottom:0, but the adview object and adview load event was defined beforehand. That caused tableview to crash if user closed the tableview child view too quicky before webview loaded.

    In that case, you would want to define adview and load event inside the webview load event listener.

    — answered August 10th 2010 by Daniel Lim
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