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Hiding buttons on a popover

I've asked this recently but had no answers. I'm trying to hide a rightNavButton on a Popover, but having no luck.

I believe this has been answered here

By setting it to null, but could someone actually advise how its done as I've tried popover.setRightNavButton(null) and button.rightNavButton = null and button.rightNavButton = 'null' but no luck.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated as always


— asked July 29th 2010 by Paul Pounder
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  • hide
  • popover

1 Answer

  • In my experience, setting the popovers NavButtons to null causes the app to crash. This has to be a bug, given that the same method works just fine with the NavButtons on a window. I have, however, found a workaround (after a frustrating hour of poking around and searching in vain for answers). Try this:

    popover.leftNavButton = Ti.UI.createView({ width: 0, height: 0 });

    The zero width and height are needed to avoid compiler warnings.

    — answered October 26th 2011 by Mark Pemburn
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