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Using 1.4, how to compile for SDK 3.1.x?

Ok, I've upgraded to mobile SDK 1.4, and have figured out that it won't run apps in the simulator until you upgrade to the latest 4.0.1 version of the iPhone SDK. Now it works.

But how do I create apps that still work under iOS3.1 - iOS3.1.3? If this is no longer possible, this is a huge problem – a good portion of the user base is either still using 3.x, or is downgrading back to 3.x because 4.0 is a dog on an iPhone 3G (or any device prior to the 3GS.)

— asked July 29th 2010 by Mark Burggraf
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3 Answers

  • Applications compiled for iOS 4 should still run on 3.x devices. Also, Apple is only accepting applications compiled for iOS 4. When packaging for distribution from Titanium Developer, target OS 4 and you should be good to go.

    — answered July 29th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
  • "Also, Apple is only accepting applications compiled for iOS 4…"

    Kevin, we have a different experience. Since we are always trying to support really every iPhone user (and waited for Titanium 1.4 to add iOS4 support), we still regularily submit our app with the the following specs:
    XCode 3.2.2, Titanium 1.3 and the app built for iOS 3.1

    …and that still works. Apple just approved 2 days ago an app which was built WITHOUT iOS4 support.

    — answered July 30th 2010 by Sebastian
  • Kevin,

    it is not necessary true that apps compiled for iOS4 would still run on 3.x, unless a flag is updated through XCODE.


    Here is a trick to always make sure that your app would run with other iPHONE versions and I've done it several times due to the fact that when compiled with iOS4 it always defaulted to iPHONE 4 mode.

    1) Open "XCode"

    2) Click on "File"

    3) Select "Open"

    4) Goto your iPHONE App folder

    5) Click on "Build"

    6) Select "iPHONE"

    7) Next select "Open"

    8) Now to change the flag where your app would work with other iPHONE SDK variants, click on "Projects" on the file menu, choose "Edit Project Settings"

    9) Choose the "Configuration" tab, select "Active Release" at configuration:, scroll down till you see "iPhone OS Deployment Target" there you can choose your different type of iPHONE version that you want your app start from.
    10) Finally you can click on "Build and Run" to compile it and run

    Hopefully that helps. I use xcode a lot more than the default Titanium Developer due to you get more kicks and debug stuff more.

    — answered July 30th 2010 by jd nguyen
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