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Latest build (r9cfa37a1) has an error on iPhone

We grabbed the latest build so we can test the https error fix. It appears we can now connect, but there is a new problem with this build:

"Trying to constaint a view without a proxy's layout" keeps displaying in the error log. You can get it to happen in Kitchen Sink as well by just browsing through some pages.

Eventually the application will crash and/or stop responding to click events.

The https fix is a priority for us so we can get an update out to apple.

— asked July 29th 2010 by Vinh Bui
  • iphone

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    https is not a full fix:


    You can patch yourself the file that has the semi-fix to avoid using an unstable build


    but I'm not sure it will work :)

    — answered July 29th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • Like Tamas said, that's not a solid fix but should get things going for those needed it. Mine is still troubled by querystrings with url escaping technique as Jeff explained in reopening the ticket.

    i just try 1.41 as well and getting "Trying to constaint a view without a proxy's layout" errors. So, if you need the temp http fix, just drop the new TiUtils.m to 1.4 classes folder. Remember to delete the project iphone build folder for a full rebuild.

    — answered July 29th 2010 by Daniel Lim
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