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Basic queries


I have few queries:

1- I don't have mac at the moment and I will be getting it in a month but I don't want to waste time. Is it possible that I can simulate my iphone app within Titanium environment so that when I get mac,I just check it on it and deploy?

2- Are apps made in Titanium approved by Appstore?


— asked July 31st 2010 by Adnan Ahmad
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1 Answer

  • Hi

    1. There is no way to simulate the iPhone on Windows (that I know of), Apple requires you to own a mac and download its development tools Xcode so afraid you will just have to wait mate. You can however do Android development

    2. Yup

    — answered July 31st 2010 by Richie Mortimer
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    • Thanks for the answer. tell me that if I I write code for Android app on Windows by using API, Will the same code work for Apple?


      — commented August 1st 2010 by Adnan Ahmad
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