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createSound, on complete jump to next sound

I'm creating a music player. But since all the audio files are running within the application I can't use the createAudioPlayer function.

So what i've done is create a variable which holds the player.. BUT when the sound is finished i need to assign a new song.. Thus create a new Sound instance.. so, normally, in javascript when you overwrite the player var it should be empty.. but, it seems like Titanium just creates a new instance with the same name (?).


var _num = 1;
var _max = 3;

var player = null;

function playSound(num) {
var file = Titanium.Filesystem.getFile(Titanium.Filesystem.resourcesDirectory, 'sound/' + num + '.mp3');

_num = num;

player = Ti.Media.createSound({
url: file.nativePath,
preload: true

player.addEventListener('complete', function() {
if(_num < _max) {
} else {
_num = 1;


I do it like this, since player.setUrl() or player.setFile() don't exists and i can't figure out another way to use it..

— asked August 1st 2010 by J T
  • mobile
  • mp3
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  • Nevermind, fixed it myself! :-)

    — commented August 1st 2010 by J T
  • how did you that? i can't make jump the next sound :( can you share your code ?

    — commented August 10th 2012 by Graham Jeffrey
  • I'd like to see that too

    — commented November 8th 2012 by Julien Gattegno

1 Answer

  • Please post an answer with the way you used to do it so that we see the solution.


    — answered November 18th 2012 by Michael Massalas
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