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Java SDK and iPhone dev.

Is Java SDK needed, and which one do I download from oracle if I do . Linux 32 bit per chance. Or is it only needed for android development. I ask as I cannot build even and empty iPhone app. Error Build failed is reported when I try to run it.

— asked August 2nd 2010 by James Kenny
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2 Answers

  • To develop for iPhone you need a mac.

    Java is for Android.

    — answered August 2nd 2010 by Dan Tamas
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    • Thanks for that. I am trying to do this on a macBook Pro. But get Build Failed when trying to Package even an empty iPhone App. The Desktop app type builds fine. I have installed the iPhone SDK before you ask. Checking the ouptput of the build (The Toggle output option) provides a vast amount of useless information. Just saying ld: command failure somewhere amongst the masses of usless info. Must have something wrong set up but don't know what. This is all part of my first experience with Titanium or iPhone development. Not a good one so far .

      — commented August 2nd 2010 by James Kenny
  • java for Android.

    For iphone dev, you need a mac or 'hackintosh'

    — answered August 3rd 2010 by Peter Lum
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