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NavigationGroup back to beginning

Hi everyone.
i want to make a custom "back to the beginning" Button with the NavigationGroup.

I know the code to go back 1 window is


how should i do the back to home? Is this even possible?


— asked August 4th 2010 by Sascha Löffler
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  • The code to go back one window should be


    Note that you are telling the navigation group which window to close, not which window to open next

    — commented January 23rd 2012 by Craig Myles

3 Answers

  • I am working on the same feature. It works fine for me. I just make sure that the script that does all the closing has access to the all the windows.

    In my case, each window is associated with its own file. So, I have three files: page1.js, page2.js, page3.js. I want page3.js to be able to close all the windows.

    In my app.js, I include all the windows:

    Ti.include('page1.js', 'page2.js', 'page3.js');

    Here's my code segment for page3.js:

    if (page3.doneWithPages) {

    This worked for me with Titanium 1.4 using Navigation Groups.

    — answered August 20th 2010 by Edward Zhang
  • Hi and Thank you.

    But i solved it differently now.

    i have the start-window where the navigation to the subwindows is.
    on click on one of this buttons it opens a modal-window and in this window i just write new content into the image and webview on button-click for the next page.
    on click to go back i just close this window and i am back at the first window.

    i don't know why i have so many problems with opening windows that are opened from another window. the only problem i have now is that i already need the next window that is opened with a horizontal flip exactly the same in all windows that are opened before. It works in the start-window. but it does not work correctly in the second window.

    I now open that third window in the navigationgroup when i am in the second window. But now the window is just sliding in from the right and i can not use the flip animation.

    i think i didn't have understand the window handling in titanium

    — answered August 23rd 2010 by Sascha Löffler
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