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Looking for Titanium Developers in Greece

Needed for a demo app, due in 10 days. Titanium Developers located elsewhere could also be considered.

Graphic and information design mockups have already been approved by the client and will be supplied to the developer.

Please reply with an email address or contact us directly via info [at] axem [dot] gr

Thank you for reading this!

— asked August 5th 2010 by Efthimios Mavrikas
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1 Comment
  • Hi Efthimi, if you are still looking, I'm an experienced titanium developer in Athens, drop me a line :)

    — commented October 2nd 2010 by Jason Kritikos

1 Answer

  • Not from Greece, but interested :) You can contact me at goran.skledar [at] gmail.com

    — answered August 5th 2010 by Goran Skledar
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