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Weird weird url question.

I'm a medical resident and I've been integrating different stuff into an app for our house staff. One tab lets you try downloading a pdf for different schedules for every month. Now, this is where it gets strange for me is when I put a month that doesn't exist yet online, for example October 2010:


In the app, as well as in safari on my laptop, when I put that url in, since it's not available, it automatically changes the url to be:


They have a standardized naming scheme, and so I can't ask them to change the names to non-numeric pdf names for the months, but I've never seen a url automatically change like that. What can I do?

— asked August 5th 2010 by Neal Kraus
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1 Answer

  • Are you sure is not the server that does the redirect?
    Normally should appear a 404 error( when a document does not exists).

    Ask your admin if it does something like this

    — answered August 5th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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