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Take Picture then Add Overlay

Does anyone know how I would go about taking an image with the iPhone camera (or using one from the device) and then overylaying some information (semi-transparent background + some text) and then save the new image to the device?

I have seen this done in other apps, but wasn't sure how to go about it with Titanium.

I have looked at kitchen sink, and there is an overlay example you can add to the camera view, but that doesn't get saved over the image, it's just a frame during taking the picture.

Any help or direction on this would be appreciated.

— asked August 6th 2010 by Randy Hall
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3 Answers

  • "toImage()" is your friend : you can get a copy of each view with this method… Create a view with your image, add your text, and save it with "view.toImage()"

    — answered August 10th 2010 by Joel Bohrer
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    • Thanks, Joel. I will give this a try. I had no idea toImage() existed. Sounds like it might do exactly what I need.

      — commented August 10th 2010 by Randy Hall
  • Perhaps you can try opening the camera in one view, and then your own label/stuff in another view attached to the camera view (and with a higher z-index). Tried that?

    — answered August 7th 2010 by Clifton Labrum
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    • But, how would I capture that merged image? It's basically a screenshot?

      — commented August 7th 2010 by Randy Hall
  • Ive tried with view.toImage() and works great!!!

    — answered January 16th 2012 by Adrian Gomez
    • could you provide the code please ?
      I cant find any examples of this function and Im really looking into using it.
      thaks in advance

      — commented February 15th 2012 by Julien Gattegno
    • Yes pleaze .. I need the same function. I need an example.


      — commented July 23rd 2013 by Franck Neuer
    • Yes please, I'm just doing the same

      — commented June 5th 2014 by Edgar Hernández
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