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JSON parsing iPhone Vs. Android

So I was informed about the url encoding that Android DOES NOT do for xhr. Now I am at a stage where my webservice is returning a result in JSON format. Displays fine in iPhone and I can parse it.

It is of the format:

{Result = ({Distance=5;Price=25.00;Link=www.google.com},{Distance=12;Price=34;Link=www.msn.com});}

This is not parsing at all in the Android env.

Do i need the JSON message to be in a particular format?

I am using JSON.parse.

On Android my result is:


Any suggestions?

— asked August 9th 2010 by Johnny Basu
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1 Answer

  • What you have there is not a valid JSON string

    To be valid should be something like:

    {"Result" : [ {"Distance":"5","Price":"25.00","Link":"www.google.com"},{"Distance":"12","Price":"34","Link","www.msn.com"}] }
    — answered August 9th 2010 by Dan Tamas
    • Thanks Tamas, I was going through the QA's and saw someone use the eval function on this.responseText. That's where it threw things off. JSON.parse seems to be working now.

      — commented August 10th 2010 by Johnny Basu
    • Hi @Dan Tamas .. i have also same issue .. My json is valid and it is display prefectly in iphone but not working in Android ..

      — commented February 29th 2012 by Hitarth Parmar
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